Here's What A Life Planner Can Do For Your Parent With Special Needs

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Taking care of a parent with special needs means planning for their future. Here's how a special needs life planner can help you do just that: Benefit Preservation As your parent ages, they'll likely rely more and more on their Social Security and other government benefits. And some decisions that are made during the life planning process could endanger those benefits as time goes on. For instance, some assets that your parent acquires throughout the years may render them disqualified for SSI benefits and other programs.

26 December 2019

Understand The Importance Of Hiring A Disability Attorney

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If you are about to file for long term disability, you are obviously dealing with a physical or mental disability that is going to last for a long time. You might think that with the medical records that you have that you can file for your disability benefits without the help of an attorney. While it is certainly true that you have the right to apply on your own, without any legal assistance, that might not be what you really want to do.

20 November 2019

What Restrictions Come with Being Out on Bond?

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A release from jail on a bond is a blessing as no one wants to stay behind bars if they don't have to. However, being released doesn't mean you are able to live that freely. Bail bonds and release on bond come with restrictions that can range from the expected to the unexpected. While it's better to be out on bond awaiting your next court date, be aware of what you're in for and what you'll have to do to comply with your release terms.

28 October 2019

When You Slip And Fall: Proving Your Personal Injury Claim And The Cause Of Your Injuries


Slip and falls can happen just about anywhere. When you fall and get hurt because of the negligence of another party, you have the right to receive compensation for your losses. If stairs were poorly lit or one was damaged and you fell because of it, the owner of the property can be held liable for your injuries. When you aren't warned of a potentially dangerous situation and you are using a property as it is designed, another party may be at fault.

1 October 2019

Getting The Assistance Of Disability Discrimination Law Services

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You are entitled to certain Constitutional rights and you should protect these rights whenever they're violated -- even in the workplace. If you have a disability, you will definitely need to understand your legal rights, so that you take action in case you are discriminated against because of your disability. In addition to hiring a disability discrimination attorney, you will need to learn more about the rights you are entitled to, so that you can advocate for yourself as a whole.

29 August 2019

Tips For Handling A Car Accident In Preparation For A Possible Injury Claim


For many people, personal injury lawsuits are one of those things that other people go through. They often think that it won't happen to them. As a result, they fail to properly prepare for the time when they need evidence and information to support a claim should they be involved in a car accident. Here are some things you should always consider if you are involved in a car accident, just in case you find yourself needing to file a personal injury claim.

26 July 2019

What To Know About Selecting Your Jury

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Those accused of crimes are entitled to due process. That term encompasses several rights, and one of them is a trial by a jury of your peers. Jury selection is one of the last legal activities prior to the beginning of the trial, and you should be present when this important task is accomplished. To understand more about jury selecting, read on. To Speak the Truth Voir Dire is the French term that means, loosely, to speak the truth.

19 June 2019