4 Important Actions To Take After A Dog Bite Injury

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The average individual likely does not want to consider how a dog bite might impact their life. Some of them might even assume that this type of incident will never happen to them. Dogs are fondly referred to as "Man's Bestfriend." This often leads to the perception that canines will not bite unless they are considered vicious. Many bite incidents involve smaller dogs, and their bites may lead to a number of consequences for their owners and the individuals they bite. The following points highlight what individuals should do if they get bitten by a dog.

Identify the Dog's Owner

It is important to determine who owns a dog after a bite incident. Some jurisdictions have laws such as dogs being on a leash. Identifying the owner is crucial in personal injury cases. They may be deemed negligent and responsible for injuries. It is also possible that some dogs are repeat offenders, which may further prove negligence.

Identify Witnesses

Some dog bite incidents do not have witnesses. However, an effort should be made to locate them. Modern technology may also be critical evidence if there are video cameras near the location of the incident. Victims may also use the photo and video features of their cellphones as evidence of witnesses and injuries. 

Seek Medical Attention

The first response to a dog bite should be to clean the wound(s). This is dependent on the severity of the bite. Every victim should seek medical attention even if they get their wounds cleaned with soap and water after the incident.

Some dogs may have rabies, and there have also been incidents that involved saliva entering wounds. The bacteria in their saliva may cause serious infections that could lead to the loss of limbs. Individuals who do not seek medical attention may have issues with personal injury cases or lifetime physical or psychological issues. Some victims develop phobias or have nightmares after being involved in incidents that result in injuries.

Get Documentation of the Incident

A common response to dog bite incidents is to contact the police. In some jurisdictions, injured individuals have to file dog bite reports even if a police report is filed. It is important to clarify with responding officers whether or not they will file a report with animal control. Even if they say that they will, a call to the animal control agency can determine if a report has been filed and whether a victim can file their own complaint. Documentation is important because it proves that an incident occurred. 

It is important to keep in mind that animal bites may be compensable. A personal injury lawyer is a good resource to use if faced with this type of issue. Many individuals make the mistake of not taking the correct measures. This may negatively impact the outcome of their injury cases. 

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9 September 2022

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