Car Accident Attorneys Help After Road Debris Causes a Crash

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Objects that have fallen from vehicles onto the road cause many vehicle crashes. Some result in severe injuries and even fatalities. If the driver responsible for that road debris is unidentified, the injured person's automotive insurance should pay for related expenses. Sometimes, though, the insurer disputes the claim. Car accident attorneys represent clients dealing with this type of situation.

Relevant Statistics

Debris on U.S. roads caused more than 200,000 vehicle crashes from 2011 through 2014. Some of the most serious accidents happen when drivers abruptly swerve to avoid debris, especially at highway speeds. They might lose control of the vehicle or crash into other cars. Injuries also happen when drivers have no safe choice but to hit the material because they are surrounded by other vehicles. 


The most commonly reported objects falling off of cars and from pickup truck beds are Christmas trees, mattresses, and ladders. Tread from large commercial trucks also causes accidents. Often, it's impossible to discover who was responsible. Unless that person stops or eyewitnesses take note of the license plate, the person may never be identified.

Compensation Specifics

The automotive insurer should pay compensation up to the maximum of the policy. Compensation covers medical expenses and lost wages while the policyholder recovers. Repairs or replacements for the vehicle should be paid for. Other related expenses might include the need for a rental car or taxi service. 

Reasons for Disputes

If the insurance company denies the claim or offers an unreasonably low amount of money, the person may want to hire an accident lawyer. Insurance adjusters might be uncooperative if they think the policyholder was somewhat at fault or could have safely avoided the road debris. They might suspect this person wasn't paying close attention, for instance. Their investigation could indicate that the driver should have been able to see the object well ahead of time and changed lanes with no hazardous sudden moves.

Concluding Thoughts

Lawyers know the tactics adjusters use and have their own strategies to deal with these large corporations. If the insurance company has no witnesses to the incident verifying unsafe behavior, the lawyer knows the person should be paid according to the policy. Swerving to avoid something in the road is not a sufficient reason for claim denial since drivers do this instinctively. 

Anyone considering legal representation for help with an uncooperative insurance company may contact an accident attorney for a free consultation.


30 August 2021

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