4 Types Of Medical Evidence That Need To Be Gathered After A Car Accident, And How An Attorney Can Help

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Major car accidents almost always leave drivers and passengers alike with serious injuries. If you are currently recovering from these injuries, you may want to file a claim against the other driver or drivers involved. In order to do this, however, you will need to collect a vast array of medical evidence to prove the arguments put forward in your claim. Keep reading below for various examples of this evidence and why you should trust an attorney to gather them for you. 

Medical Records

Medical records are the first things that need to be gathered. All records of treatment or diagnosis you have received at any hospital or clinic should be included. Without medical records, a defendant's counsel may allege that your injuries or conditions predated the accident. Plus, gathering medical records is a complicated undertaking that is best left to an attorney. If you try to do it on your own, you will spend time and energy that is better used to fully heal after the accident.

Medical Bills

It's not enough to show your medical history. You will also need to gather all of the bills for the treatment you have received since the accident. An attorney can use these to justify a larger settlement claim in the case that the defendant's insurance provider offers a low settlement.

Expert Witnesses

Even though you were involved in an accident, you cannot testify that the injuries you received (and any side effects you are currently experiencing) were directly caused by the accident. For this, you'll need medical experts. Fortunately, an attorney who works on car accident injury cases will have a large network of expert witnesses who can testify to the facts of your case and prove your claim.

Photos and Recordings

Because a driver or passenger is likely to be seriously injured in a major car accident, it is rare they are able to capture quality photos or recordings of the crash. They may have had a dash cam installed in their car, but this too may have been damaged in the accident. An attorney can work to find any and all evidence of the accident, including video feeds from traffic accidents, videos that eyewitnesses took on their phones, or dash cams from other vehicles. Doing this completely on your own is bound to be overwhelming, which is just one more reason you should hire an attorney.

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9 May 2023

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