Truck Accident Lawsuits: Compensation For Injuries Caused By Falling Cargo

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Generally, driving or walking near a loaded semi poses a hazard. That is because cargo or other goods can fall off a truck, injuring those on its way and destroying property. As a victim of falling cargo, you can seek compensation from the trucking company. Unfortunately, proving the defendant is at fault isn't easy, which complicates the claim application process. That is why hiring a truck accident lawyer is crucial when faced with such a situation. They will steer you through the process of finding justice.

This article looks at the inputs of a truck accident lawyer in seeking compensation. 

Identifying Wrongdoers In The Crash 

Trucking companies and their drivers must ensure that cargo is firmly in place before the semis leave for different destinations. However, it's not uncommon for a truck to leave the loading zone without proper inspection of the load. That increases the chance of goods falling off the semi-truck. Failure to inspect cargo before transportation is punishable. As such, the negligent party should take full responsibility for your damages. Depending on where the accident happened, the state could also prefer criminal charges against the wrongdoer.

However, other parties could also be liable for the collision. For instance, the company or entity responsible for road maintenance could be at fault if the cargo fell off because of a road problem. The organization mandated with clearing highways might also be accountable for your damages. You can take legal action against them for failing to remove the items that fell on the road. In addition, a manufacturing firm is a potential culprit if their defective chains or other fastening tools cause the cargo to fall off. You'll need the help of a truck accident lawyer to identify all the potential culprits. 

Determining the Wrongdoers

In this type of case, your lawyer might suggest involving professional investigators. They will be invaluable in discovering what made the cargo fall off the truck. After a comprehensive investigation, the investigators will write a report naming all the parties that could have contributed to the crash. Besides, the report will demonstrate how each at-fault party breached the duty of care needed when transporting cargo in big rigs. This information will be critical when preparing your claim. Typically, each culprit will face charges and compensate you based on their percentage contribution to the accident. 

Multiple investigations may be required to determine the parties responsible for an accident caused by falling cargo. Therefore, enlisting the services of a truck accident attorney when filing such a claim is necessary. They will investigate the accident and gather the required evidence needed to prove your case and enable you to get enough compensation for your damages.


15 July 2022

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