Three Ideas Intellectual Property Protection Attorneys Defend

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In this modern era of rapid technological advancement, a good idea can lead to huge profits. In a perfect world, the people who come up with profitable ideas would be the ones to profit from them, but intellectual property thieves can siphon funds away from creators. If one or more of your ideas have been used for profit without your consent, you have recourse. By working with intellectual property protection attorneys, you can protect your right to control the earnings that come from your ideas. Here are several of the ideas that these attorneys protect.

Copyrighted Ideas

When you turn an idea into a work of art, it becomes your copyrighted property. Literary, artistic, musical, and theatrical works (among others) are all examples of copyrighted works. You don't even have to publish your work to have it copyrighted, but it must meet certain criteria. For example, a book idea must become a manuscript before it can be copyrighted. To ensure your work is as protected as possible, you can register it with the Library of Congress. By doing so, you create proof that you created the work, which can help you in court if someone decides to profit off your work. If one of your copyrighted creative works has been stolen, an intellectual property protection lawyer can help you sue the thief for damages.

Patented Creations

If your work is less of an artistic endeavor and more of an invention, you may need a patent instead of relying on copyright laws for protection. Patents are much more specific than copyrights and require evidence that an object, device, or program has been developed completely. These creations aren't artistic and have use for industry professionals or consumers. If someone steals your idea before you create and patent it, you may not have much legal recourse, but whether or not you have a patent, an attorney can help you make the best possible choice about protecting your rights to your ideas.

Trade Secrets

If you create a formula, program, method, or process that improves your business, you likely have a trade secret. These secrets give businesses an edge over their competition by allowing them to offer unique products and services or improved delivery times. Trade secrets may overlap slightly with patents, especially where computer programs are concerned. If you suspect another company has stolen one of your trade secrets to improve their ability to compete with your business, an attorney can help you fight back.


14 September 2020

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