How To Determine If You Should You Hire A Traffic Law Attorney

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Getting a traffic ticket is like a rite of passage to many people. When you start driving, it is almost inevitable that you will have a police officer pull you over. The type of offense and the penalty that comes with it are often the biggest catalysts in the decision to hire a traffic lawyer or not. 

Tickets and Citations

Most tickets or citations people get are for minor offenses like speeding or failing to use a turn signal. These tickets can be challenged in court, but they are hard to beat because the officer will more than likely have evidence to prove that the ticket is valid.

The dashcam video, your speed recorded on the radar unit, or another officer as a witness makes it tough to win, and the fines are not terribly high unless you were racing or driving excessively fast. You can talk to a traffic law attorney about your case, but they will most likely tell you to pay the fine and move on. 

DUI and Major Offenses

Traffic stops that end in charges like a DUI (driving under the influence), street racing, or reckless driving are the kinds of cases that can benefit from getting a traffic attorney involved. These cases often have the potential to include the loss of driving privileges or incarceration as a result of the offense. 

While a lawyer may not be able to win the case so that there are no fines or consequences, they can sometimes work with the prosecution to plea-bargain the charges to something lower and keep you out of jail. Something like street racing could be plea-bargained down to speeding, and the fine could be lowered for a first offense. 

Finding a Lawyer

It is vital that when you start looking for a lawyer to help you with your case, you look for an experienced traffic lawyer. While a criminal attorney can help if the case involves criminal charges, traffic lawyers that work in the area you live in have experience in the court system you are going to have to appear in.

Many times these lawyers know how the judge will react to the charges you are facing and how likely they are to allow a plea bargain to reduce the charges. The insight can be helpful as you go into court, so let the lawyer do their job, and follow their directions to the letter.

The best chance you have of winning your case is to let the lawyer handle it. After all, that is what you are paying them for.

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27 January 2020

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