What Restrictions Come with Being Out on Bond?

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A release from jail on a bond is a blessing as no one wants to stay behind bars if they don't have to. However, being released doesn't mean you are able to live that freely. Bail bonds and release on bond come with restrictions that can range from the expected to the unexpected. While it's better to be out on bond awaiting your next court date, be aware of what you're in for and what you'll have to do to comply with your release terms.

Travel Restrictions

You'll need to get permission to leave the area. In other words, while you can travel within your city, you'll need the permission of the court (or another official -- the court will tell you) to travel out of the state and country, and possibly even out of the county or city. This restriction can vary in just how strict it is, so be sure you know the exact point at which you'll need to seek permission. Don't assume that because you have a family emergency in the next state that the court will understand. Be sure you get details about where you can and can't go freely.

The Appointment You Can't Miss

This may seem obvious, but you absolutely have to show up for all hearings and meetings that the court tells you to attend. It's not just the main court date that you have to be at; the court may require you to check in with officers or other officials in the meantime. Be sure you make it to all those appointments. Don't rely on memory; sit down with your lawyer and write out the exact schedule.

Curfews, No Trouble, and Other Orders

Bail restrictions vary per case. You may end up with only a couple of restrictions, or you may have others. Common ones include staying out of trouble (not even a jaywalking offense) and avoiding all drugs and alcohol. Others involve curfews or remaining employed. You may have to turn in your guns, if you own any, or refrain from doing anything involving guns including going to target ranges.

It may sound like a lot to comply with, especially if you get a long list of restrictions from the court. Take life one day at a time and concentrate on not getting in trouble or violating any of the conditions, and you won't be hauled back to jail. Contact bail bonds services to learn more.


28 October 2019

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