When You Slip And Fall: Proving Your Personal Injury Claim And The Cause Of Your Injuries


Slip and falls can happen just about anywhere. When you fall and get hurt because of the negligence of another party, you have the right to receive compensation for your losses. If stairs were poorly lit or one was damaged and you fell because of it, the owner of the property can be held liable for your injuries. When you aren't warned of a potentially dangerous situation and you are using a property as it is designed, another party may be at fault. Talk to a slip and fall attorney when you are out of work because of your injuries and you see your medical bills piling up.

Understanding Your Slip and Fall

Take a look at why you fell and got injured. If you were acting carelessly, you may share some fault for your injuries. If the accident occurred because of poor maintenance on a property, liability is clearer. When you are invited to a home, you are at work, or you are in a public place, you have the right to expect a place that is maintained for safety. When you are hurt in a slip and fall accident because conditions were not safe, you can file a claim for damages.

Proving Your Injuries

It's always necessary to prove the extent of your injuries when you file a personal injury claim. Once you determine that the slip and fall is a result of negligence, your injuries have to be carefully assessed. If you didn't go to the emergency room right away, seek care with your primary care physician. Talk to your doctor about the accident and get your medical needs met. If you are referred to specialists, go to all of your appointments so that your injuries are treated.

Figuring Out Your Losses

If you slip and fall but you don't have any losses, there's nothing to file a claim for. When you have injuries, you are out of work, you are in pain, and your injuries are expected to be long term, you have losses. Your slip and fall attorney will discuss the potential of your case and give you a good idea of what you can expect for compensation.

You have rights when it comes to injuries you sustain in a slip and fall accident. Talk to a slip and fall attorney about the merits of your case, and they could help you fight for the compensation you deserve.


1 October 2019

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