Myths About Disability Benefits And Programs

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When a person develops a disability, their ability to financially support themselves may be severely compromised. There are government-backed programs and benefits designed for those facing this situation, but misinformation about these benefits can lead many people to fail to take advantage of this option.

Myth: You Will Have To Pay For All Of Your Medical Expenses

Individuals that suffer from permanent disabilities can have intense medical needs. When a person is approved for disability benefits, they will be able to qualify for Medicare benefits that will make it possible for them to continue to receive the medical care that they require. There may be premiums and copays required, but these will be much lower than their private counterparts.

Myth: Only Physical Ailments And Injuries Will Be Eligible For Disability Benefits

Physical disabilities can be among the most common reasons for individuals to seek out this support. However, it is not the only type of disability that can qualify. Individuals that suffer from mental or emotional disabilities will also be able to qualify for these benefits. Although, it can be more difficult to be approved for these conditions as it may require more documentation or evaluations to confirm the presence and severity of these conditions.

Myth: Severe Disability Claims Will Be Processed Far More Quickly

There is a common assumption that the speed of the approval process will depend on the severity of the person's disability. However, this is not the case, and applications are processed in order. As a result, individuals will find that the process of being approved for disability benefits can take weeks or months regardless of the severity of their condition. Some states may have longer processing times depending on the caseload.

Myth: You Will Need To Periodically Go Through The Disability Application Process

Once a person is approved for disability benefits, they might assume that they will need to periodically reapply for these benefits. While it can be easy to assume that this will be needed to prove that the disability is still present, this is not actually the case. Once a person has been approved for these benefits, they will continue to receive them as long as they avoid violating the terms of the benefits. This can include avoiding exceeding the work limitations. Your attorney will be able to explain the full range of these stipulations so that you can easily avoid violating them and putting your disability benefits in jeopardy.

For more information, get in touch with a local Social Security disability attorney.


6 February 2019

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