These Injuries May Be Possible When You Work As A Hotel Bellhop

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Working as a bellhop at a busy hotel can be an exciting career, giving you the chance to meet and assist new people throughout your workday, as well as earn tips based on how hard you work. There are some risks to this line of work, however, and it's possible that an injury on the job could leave you unable to report to duty for a period of time. The role of your employer in the injury is something to consider. If you believe that the hotel's management was in some way responsible for the injury, retaining a workers' compensation attorney and discussing a suit may be your best choice. Here are some injuries that are possible in this line of work.

Slip-And-Fall Injuries

It's possible to slip, fall, and hurt yourself in virtually every job, but the risks of this type of injury are elevated when you work as a hotel bellhop. One of the issues that you'll face is poor traction outside of the hotel during the winter months. The hotel has a responsibility to keep this area devoid of snow and ice for the safety of not only its guests, but also its employees. If you slip and fall on an icy patch that the hotel didn't deal with, it could be negligent and thus responsible for your injury.

Vehicle Injuries

The fact that you're frequently working around moving vehicles can also increase your risk of a work-related injury. While you'll obviously be dealing with luggage from stopped vehicles, other vehicles passing by the front of the hotel could potentially hit you, knock you down, and even run you over. In such an instance, the driver of the vehicle will assume a lot of the blame. However, certain circumstances could also make the hotel negligent. For example, if the hotel failed to post signs that warned motorists to decrease their speed, your attorney could feel that the hotel's negligence led to the incident.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries are also a risk when you work as a hotel bellhop. You're doing the same type of work multiple times every shift, which could lead to slowly developing injuries. For example, back, arm, and shoulder injuries are possible from pulling a heavy cart filled with guests' luggage countless times. A good workers' compensation attorney will use a variety of means, including medical testimony, to prove that the specific nature of your job contributed to your workplace injury.


18 November 2018

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