Is Your Parent Being Neglected In A Nursing Home? What To Do Now

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If you are currently worried about the care of your elderly parent in a nursing home and you haven't gotten any information back from management about your complaints, it's time to talk to a lawyer. You are paying the facility a fee to take care of your parent, and to address the different concerns that you have. There are a lot of ways you can report the information to your lawyer accurately, and things that your lawyer will want to know. Do the following:

Keep a Journal

You need to start logging everything that happens that is against the law that you don't approve of, and that makes the nursing staff negligent. Any wrongdoings should be messaged in detail in the journal by you, another family member, or by your parent if you can trust them to keep the journal out of view of the employees that work in the home.

Document Your Complaints

If you have copies of electronic messages you've sent to the manager of the nursing home, or you have other proof of meetings that you've had, you want to have documented proof to show you've made complaints to the courts. You may be able to get the copies of these from the facility if they have to document all the complaints that are made against the facility.

Stop Reaching Out to Management

Don't make any threats to the management or staff at the facility about filing a lawsuit, about removing your parent from the care, or to indicate that you will take legal action in any way. You don't want them to start to build a defense, to try to cover their tracks with the harm that they've caused your parent, or to hide the neglect that was a problem. Keeping your information sealed and only for the lawyer is the best option.

These are just a few of the things that you'll want to do when you're ready to reach out to a lawyer about the issues that you've having with the care of your parent and when you want to take action against the nursing care facility. There are so many different types of lawsuits that you could file, depending on the severity of the neglect and the contract that the nursing home signed to care for your parent. Talk with a lawyer to find out how to start the filing process for your case. Click here to learn more.


4 January 2017

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