3 Ways to Empower Yourself When Facing Housing Discrimination Problems

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When looking for an apartment or house, nobody wants to encounter housing discrimination problems. Simply considering the possibility that someone can try to prevent you from finding the right home based on something beyond your control is enough to make anyone furious. Unfortunately, the truth is that housing discrimination problems are a "real world" issue that many people encounter. Here are three positive actions to take if this happens to you.

Document All Communication

Keep track of each and every piece of correspondence between you and the person who you suspect of discrimination. This means that you should print emails, save notes even if they are on a post-it note, and keep voice messages. Also, make sure that you keep a diary of every time you spoke to the person and what actions they took that may be a part of the discrimination.

For example, if the person posts on social media, be sure to take screenshots and copy and paste all comments that may be a part of their discrimination. Even if you think it is unimportant, a social media post where the person exhibits prejudice can be significant.

Review the State and Federal Laws

It's not okay for someone to discriminate against you for any reason. If you suspect that it is happening to you, try to review the relevant state and federal laws that promise to protect you from this act of hatred. You should know what your rights are, and you may find comfort in the fact that major anti-discrimination laws were written to protect people in your exact situation. You don't have to merely accept that prejudice and move on. First, you can seek justice for the wrongs that were done against you and fight for what you want and deserve.

Discuss Your Options with a Lawyer

If you face housing discrimination problems, see a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss what your options are. Although reviewing laws on your own can be helpful, you ultimately need to see a lawyer who has experience and a high level of understanding of the laws that can impact your rights. Make a list of questions to ask your attorney prior to your meeting, and be sure to tell the lawyer the full story behind the housing discrimination problems you are facing.

Finally, keep in mind that nobody has the right to discriminate against you over your race, sex, size, religion, ability level, sexual orientation, or any other reason. When you take these steps to empower yourself in the fact of this negativity, you can protect yourself and others from that inexcusable hate. Learn more and receive assistance through resources like The Law Offices of Douglas F. Fagan.


16 December 2016

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