4 Tips for Surviving a Criminal Charge

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Getting charged with a crime is likely everyone's worst nightmare. The thought of spending time in jail and having a criminal record can definitely put you in a panic. Although dealing with a criminal charge is no walk in the park, it is possible to get through the experience. Here are four helpful tips for surviving a criminal charge.

Do Not Talk to the Police

No matter what, do not give any information about your case to the police. Even if you are innocent of the crime, you could accidentally say something that may incriminate you. If a police officer asks to speak to you, tell him or her that you can't talk about your case without your lawyer present.

Hire a Reputable Criminal-Defense Lawyer

One of the most important things you can do right now is hire a criminal-law attorney who has experience handling cases similar to yours. The right lawyer will work hard to get you the best possible outcome with your case, whether it is a dismissal or reduced charges. During your first meeting with a criminal-defense attorney, ask them about similar cases they have dealt with in the past and how they tackled the issues. If you feel confident about a lawyer's expertise, you should work with that lawyer. A good lawyer will also be there for emotional support throughout the entire process and be there to address your questions and concerns.

Do Not Talk About Your Case with Your Friends and Family

When you are going through something as difficult as being charged with a crime, it only seems natural to share your feelings with those you are close with. However, you should not do this. If one of your family members or friends is subpoenaed, they will be required to tell the court what you told them.

Don't Accept the Prosecutor's First Deal

Taking the prosecuting attorney's first deal can be very tempting. The stress of going to court all the time is getting to you, and you just want to get the experience over with as soon as possible. However, the first deal a prosecutor offers typically is not a very good one. If you give your lawyer time to negotiate a better deal, you will be better off.

Being charged with a crime might seem like the end of the world right now, but you can get through this ordeal. Stay positive and listen to everything your criminal-law attorney tells you to do.


14 October 2016

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