Understanding The Basics Of Alimony

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Divorce doesn't just come along with negative consequences when it comes to your emotional well-being. A divorce can also come along with negative effects in terms of finances. The truth of this statement is only magnified when one person has relied on the other for financial support. In some cases, alimony, or spousal support, may be an option.

Can You Be Awarded Alimony?

In order to determine whether you will be awarded alimony, you first need to understand its purpose. Alimony is designed to minimize the financial effects that divorce may impose. It's a way of helping you maintain your lifestyle. It's not meant to be used as a way to be greedy and get money. In order to be awarded alimony, the court will require you to prove a need. If you and your spouse earned equal amounts, your spouse's income being removed is less likely to send you into financial ruins.

In this case, you shouldn't expect alimony. However, a spouse who stayed homed to focus on the family during the marriage may be awarded alimony because they would basically be left with nothing. Even with that being said, there are always exceptions. For example, a divorce by desertion or in cases where adultery played a part, some people are awarded alimony regardless of financial limitations.

How Much Alimony Should You Expect?

If you're planning to ask for alimony, unfortunately, there is no way to say exactly how much alimony you will receive. There is no magic number such as twenty-five or fifty percent. Instead, there are factors that come into play when determining an award amount. The first thing is often how long you were married. As a general rule, the shorter the marriage, the less you can expect to be awarded.

Another factor is your ability to earn an income. Consider the previous example of the spouse that stayed home during the marriage. If this individual only had a high-school diploma and no job skills, it would be harder to earn a decent income. However, if this individual has multiple degrees, it would be easier for them to get a job. In this case, the latter example would probably be awarded less alimony than the person without skills.

If you relied on your spouse for financial support, an attorney can help ensure that you don't face financial catastrophe. While alimony can never be guaranteed, an attorney will fight hard on your behalf to ensure you are taken care of. Contact a business, such as Patton Hoversten & Berg PA, for more information.   


11 June 2016

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