How A Lawyer Can Assist After A Marital Affair

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Are you angry at your spouse for having an affair and filing for a divorce is on your mind? Although coping with the stress of an affair can be stressful, filing for a divorce is not always the best way to resolve the problem. Find out in this article what a family lawyer like LaCroix & Hand PC can do to help you get through the situation, as well as what kind of legal fees you will have to pay.

How Can a Family Lawyer Assist with a Marriage After an Affair?

Sometimes the best way to get through a marital affair is with help from a third party. Filing for a divorce in the heat of the moment can be something that you will regret when everything calms down. A family lawyer will be able to sit with you and listen to your story to come up with a plan. If he or she feels as though you and your spouse have a good chance to save the marriage, divorce may be discouraged. The first thing the lawyer will do is find out what led to the affair, such as financial problems, stress from work or a lack of communication.

The lawyer may recommend you and your spouse seek help from a counselor before opting out of the marriage. Marriage counseling will allow you to let out all of your frustration without getting into an argument with your spouse in the process, and vice versa. You and your spouse can have separate sessions with the counselor in the beginning, and eventually the both of you can attend the sessions together. If it is found that ending the marriage is the best thing to do, the lawyer can assist with things such as:

  • Helping you get alimony
  • Discussing child custody
  • Setting up mediation with your spouse
  • Figuring out who should keep certain assets

What is the Hourly Rate Charged by a Lawyer?

You should expect to pay your lawyer a minimum of $90 per hour. However, the hourly rate can reach over $500 on the highest end of the scale. The rate that you are charged will depend on how complex your case is. For instance, if your spouse does not agree to how the marital assets are divided, it can lead to a long battle in court that accumulates more legal fees. Talk to a family lawyer as soon as possible to find out if your marriage can be saved or not!


24 September 2015

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