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When you get hurt, you don't automatically hit the jackpot by filing a lawsuit. There is a lot that goes into the valuation of your case. Your lawyer should be able to explain all the different factors that affect the value of the case. Before you head to the personal injury lawyer, you should first consider what all your case is going to involve. The idea of suing someone can be stressful at times. Just because you sue someone for an injury you have suffered, it does not mean that you are going to come away with a lot of money. Here are some ways you can put a value on your personal injury case. 

Previous Cases

While all cases are different, the value of your case will depend some on previous cases that are similar in nature. This means if the judge has seen a very similar case to yours, they will likely rule the same way. You can talk to your lawyer about similar cases that have been in court before yours. You can even develop a strategy that is similar if the outcome was favorable for the plaintiff. 

Permanent Scarring

One of the biggest factors in valuing your case is determining how long the effects of your injury will last. If your injuries are severe and it prohibits you from working or doing other activities, you are more likely to reach a higher settlement or ruling than if the injuries were less severe and more temporary. Your loss of earning capacity will have a major effect on the value of the case. 

Medical Treatments

Both your initial medical expenses and any ongoing treatments will be evaluated when determining how much compensation you will get. This is a major part of the case and will require medical records in order to determine what is needed. This is where your insurance and the at fault party's insurance comes into play. 

Insurance Coverage

When determining the value of the case, the insurance coverage of the at fault party will be a major part in the compensation process. The attorney will first send a demand letter to the person responsible for the injury. If the demand letter is ignored, then the lawsuit will follow. Sometimes, the injuries will be valued much higher than the insurance coverage will pay out. The responsibility then falls on the party at fault to pay up the additional charges. If not, a lawsuit will be filed where the judge will make the final ruling. Contact a company like Walz Law Office for more information.  


18 August 2015

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Like many people, I once found learning about law very intimidating. My brother went to law school and I remember glancing through a few of his books and wondering if I was actually reading English due to all of the legal jargon in them! However, when I ended up in a sticky legal situation due to accidentally breaking a small law I didn't know existed, I realized that I needed to learn more about the law, so I could make sure to follow it precisely in the future. My brother helped to break down some complicated legal concepts to me, and I have since been studying up online. I want to post what I have learned and continue to learn about law in the future on my new blog, so my knowledge cannot only help myself, but also help others!