Your First DWI: What You Should Do

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Driving while intoxicated can lead to a very serious conviction for you. If it's your first time getting a DWI, you need to know just what you should do so you can have the best chance of getting back to a normal life as soon as possible. Here are the things you should do as a first-time DWI recipient.

Know if you will lose your license

Every state has different laws regarding a DWI offense. For a first offense, 42 states have a mandatory set amount of time that offenders will lose their license. The laws you should know about your state regarding your license include:

  • if you will lose your license for a first offense
  • how long you may lose your license for
  • if there are limited driving privileges (if your license is taken away)

The more you know about your state's laws regarding your driver's license, the more able you are to prepare to fight against losing your license, or make preparations to get to and from work, school, or other necessities so your life isn't interrupted entirely.

Get a lawyer

Your first offense for a DWI and the repercussions you will receive largely rely on how severe your criminal history is. If you have a history of domestic violence, disturbing the peace, or having drug possession charges, you need a lawyer to help clear your name so you can receive the least amount of jail time or probation possible.

A lawyer can help reduce your sentence by exchanging jail time for community service or supervised probation, and can argue in court that having limited driving privileges will be a benefit to you. Since this is your first time getting a DWI, you may be more likely to receive a lesser sentence if you get a lawyer who can prove that a harsher sentence does not match your behavior overall in society.

Be willing to accept jail time

For many people, a DWI comes along with jail time or supervised probation. If probation sounds too offensive to you, you may be able to trade probation for a certain number of days in jail. Your lawyer can help you understand just what you may be facing regarding jail time, losing your license, and other repercussions, so you can prepare your financial and family obligations accordingly. If jail time is almost certainly in your future, you need to know.

Getting a DWI for the first time can be a scary situation. The more you know, the more you can fight for a lesser judgement, prepare your obligations so you don't fall behind on work or financial needs, and the more you can feel in control until you complete your sentencing. If you want more help, contact a company like Follender Law Offices, P.L.L.C. to learn more.


11 December 2014

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