Radon Health Issues Linked To The Job? Hire A Lawyer And Detect Your Options


If you have worked in a building that has high levels of radon for a long period of time without your knowledge, and you're now experiencing lung cancer or other medical issues because of it, call a lawyer. Lung cancer is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, and your employer had the responsibility to tell you that you were at risk, and to provide a safe work environment.

If your physician has asked you if you've been exposed to radon and your home has been tested and isn't a problem, you want to find a personal injury attorney and have your place of employment tested right away.

What is Radon?

Radon is a gas that occurs naturally when the soil and the rock in the earth decompose. Buildings should be tested regularly for this gas, and areas with high radon levels should have a mitigation system to deter the problem.

What are My Options?

The best thing to do is talk with a lawyer to get your case started. The lawyer can have the building tested for radon, to see if this is where you were exposed. Once a building inspector has confirmed that you were exposed to the radon from the building, you can move forward with the case.

If a mitigation system has been installed recently you want to find out when, because you still may have been exposed for the years you worked there prior to the system being installed.

What Do I Need?

When you consult with a lawyer you want to have all of your medical information that diagnosed you as having a lung or medical condition, and a statement from your medical professional stating that the condition is caused by radon. You want copies of all tests, image scans, and more. Your lawyer will need all of the contact information of the medical professionals you worked with, along with your employment information.

If you have recently discovered that your health has been compromised because of exposure to the toxic gas radon, and your place of employment seems like the culprit, you want to meet with a lawyer so you can get compensation for your case. You want compensation so you don't have to deal with the burden of the potential medical expenses you have in front of you, along with the potential loss wages. Call a lawyer and get to the bottom of the problem right away.


5 December 2014

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