3 Things To Know About Filing A Lawsuit Against An Amusement Park


Visiting an amusement park is a fun-filled way to spend the day, unless an accident occurs. There is a number of injuries and even deaths that occur at these parks annually. If you have endured a tragic incident rather than a joyful one when at an amusement park, you may want to take legal action. Knowing facts about types of accidents that occur in amusement parks may help you when faced with this situation.

Common Types of Injuries

The possibility of injuries and accidents occurring at an amusement park is typically because of the rides.

Listed below are some of the most commonly reported injuries:

1. Back and neck injuries are frequently reported when riding bumper car rides.

2. A fatality because of being knocked off of a ride or thrown to the ground.

3. Some cases of brain aneurysms have been reported when riding fast rollercoasters.

4. People drowning on water rides have been reported by amusement park owners.

5. Broken bones and fractures that are a result of riding certain rides at the park.

Causes of Injuries

There is typically a reason injuries or fatalities occur when visiting an amusement park, and the reasons should be identified to avoid another accident from taking place.

Listed below are common causes for park accidents happening:

1. Mechanical problems – Each one of the rides should be properly inspected to avoid the possibility of an accident. There are instances when a mechanical failure can occur despite a thorough inspection of the ride.

2. Improper supervising – If the operator of the ride doesn't follow the proper procedures, this can cause a person to be injured. For instance, making the ride go too fast can cause a person to get injured.

3. Misconduct by a passenger – When entering a ride and while on it, proper behavior must be practiced to avoid the possibility of an injury. The passenger should stay seated, remain buckled up and follow the instructions provided by the operator to prevent a severe injury from happening while on a ride.

Finally, if you have endured an injury or a death of a loved one while visiting an amusement park, you may want to file a legal action against the amusement park owner. By consulting with a personal injury attorney (such as one from Kiernan Personal Injury Attorneys PA), you can learn the legal process that is involved and what you will need to do to initiate the process.



5 December 2014

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