Tips On How You Can Avoid A Divorce

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Fighting, arguing and quarreling are all part of a healthy marriage, but none of these marriage calamities can compare to a divorce. A divorce is not like an intense argument between a couple, it is a process that comes with its own complexities like division of property and taking custody of children.

When the case goes to court, you may find it difficult to pay a divorce attorney to get you on the winning side. However, you can stay clear of all these by avoiding a divorce in the following ways.

1. Embrace Conflicts

A research by the University of Denver hints that couples who welcome conflicts are more satisfied with their marriages than couples who run from their problems. Dr. John Grey, a relationship coach, emphasizes that you should not view a conflict as a situation where you can either win or lose. Instead, take it as a channel to a positive change.

Assume your relationship is a third party in your marriage and you will be able to deal with your problem objectively.

2. Start Dating

If you thought dating your partner ends when you start a family, you are gravely mistaken. Dating is a special occasion where you and your partner get together, romance and strengthen your relationship.

Once you stop because of other responsibilities, your relationship may get weak and love will fade away. If your children are a barrier to your dating plans, consider asking your extended family to look after them or pay a babysitter, which is much cheaper than paying a divorce attorney.

3. Downgrade High Expectations

What happens when you achieve less than you expected in life? There is just that heavy load of frustration that settles deep in your heart telling you to quit what you are doing, and in marriage, the case is not different.

Avoid setting too much of high standards for your marriage. Research by University of Florida suggests that couples who hold high hopes of a peaceful or a better marriage stand a good chance of pushing for divorce. Judith Sherven, a marriage counselor, says that you can only live in a harmonious marriage if you and your partner understand your individual responsibilities in the marriage.

According to Dr. Phil, it is not a good idea to opt for a divorce, not until you have exhausted all other avenues. You could also be wrong to rush for a divorce attorney when you are not ready to let go.

You are ready when you can walk out the door with no feelings attached; no hurt, no anger and no frustration. Otherwise, there is still something worth fighting for in your marriage. To learn more, contact a company like Barr, Sternberg, Moss, Lawrence & Silver, PC with any questions you have.


2 December 2014

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