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Finding yourself in the position where you need the services of a wrongful death lawyer can be one of the most difficult times of anyone's life. If you're finding yourself facing these challenges, it's important that you seek out all of the resources you have access to, and equally important that you use those resources to the fullest.

Your attorney can be one of those important resources, but without knowing the correct questions to ask, you might even feel overwhelmed by those important communications. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should ask your wrongful death lawyer that will help guarantee you achieve the best result possible for you and your loved ones.

Ask About Contact

One of the most frustrating parts of going through the wrongful death process can be feeling like your lawyer is not providing his or her due attention to your case. Because wrongful death suits are often lengthy and also require intense negotiations, many people feel frustrated with the pace of progress and transfer that frustration to their lawyer.

When you start your professional relationship with your attorney, you should have a conversation about how often you'll be in contact with your lawyer and when the best time to conference will be. Consider setting up a standing weekly appointment for a phone call so you can at least have the confidence to know there will be regular contact.

Ask About Case History

Each wrongful death case is unique, and as such, there will never be a direct comparison to draw between one case and another. Your lawyer (from Hardee and Hardee LLP or another company), however, will be well researched and highly experienced and will be able to direct you to similar cases that may allow you to anticipate what your legal process will look like.

This is especially important if your wrongful death suit is preventing an estate from being executed or a will from being closed, as it will give you an idea as to the time frame you can expect before completing these important tasks.

Ask About Outcomes

Your attorney will never be able to tell you that you should expect a specific dollar amount or a guaranteed outcome. What you will be able to learn, however, is what the range of your lawyer's previous awards have been and what his or her experience tells you is likely to happen inside of a broad range. This will allow you to at least begin your financial planning and feel more secure that your family's future is in responsible hands.


2 December 2014

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